NNASA Conference 2016

Our 2016 conference was held from 4 & 5th Aug 2016 in Pietermaritzburg, KZN with the theme “Impact!”.

2016 Conference Talks

NNASA Conference 2013

Our 2013 conference was held from 31 July-2 Aug 2013 in Milnerton, Cape Town with the theme “The Heart of the Matter” and had 132 delegates attending.

The 2-day programme had a good mix of speakers with doctors, nurses and non-healthcare workers drawn mainly from the Western Cape. However 2 speakers gave an international perspective with Judy Moore based in England and Lilly Kambani from Malawi. This reflected the growing stature of this conference and the goal of the organisers to provide support and continuing education not only to the nurses of South Africa but also to those in surrounding countries.

NNASA Conference 2012

Our 2012 conference was held from 3-5th October 2012 in Kapano Nonkeng, Bloemfontein. 210 Delegates attended for the theme: “A Time To Reflect – A Time To Act”.

On day one, the keynote speaker, Dr Nils Bergman, discussed the neuro-science of skin-to-skin contact. Here we gained valuable knowledge about the impact of the environment and stress on the brain development of the neonate. Dr. Bergman stressed ‘zero separation’. Separation of the neonate from the mother leads to toxic stress increasing cortisol levels. We also learnt that eye to eye and skin to skin contact are crucial first steps in ensuring the correct “wiring” of the brain. Day 2 provided information on various success stories and best care practices including the importance of KMC in neonatal transportation. There was a frustrating but insightful update on our efforts to get Neonatal Nursing recognised as a speciality on its own with dedicated training.

The day ended with all the neonatal nurses in tears as a mother shared her story. She shared her trials and joys over 6 months of neonatal ICU life stating how the neonatal nurses helped and encouraged her along this difficult path. It was wonderful to see her baby, now walking, as he made us realise again, how important and special our work is and the impact it makes in the lives of our babies and their families.

NNASA Conference 2011

Our 2011 conference was held from 6-7th October 2011 in St. Georges Hotel, Gauteng. 170 Delegates attended for the theme: “Think Globally – Care Locally”.

ICNN 2010

Our 2010 Conference was held from 23-27th Oct in partnership with the Council of International Neonatal Nurses (COINN) at the Durban International Convention Centre. The theme for this conference was: “Excellence Against The Odds – Researching Solutions To Global Challenges” and was attended by 486 delegates from 19 countries.

COINN hosted a workshop immediately prior to the main conference to discuss with other global partners what COINN needs to do to strengthen neonatal nursing around the globe. And for those not involved in the COINN workshop, delegates were offered the opportunity to visit 2 local neonatal units: King Edward VIII and Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospitals. During the tours local speakers highlighted neonatal programs and projects in KZN aimed at reducing neonatal mortality. In this way international delegates were exposed to the challenges and successes of neonatal care in the area.

NNASA Conference 2009

Our 2009 Conference was held from 7-8th July in Clairewood, Durban. The theme for this conference was: ” The Cutting Edge” and was attended by 203 delegates from 9 provinces.

NNASA Conference 2008

Our 2008 Conference was held from 20-21st October in Clairewood, Durban. The theme for this conference was: “Straight from the heart – Beating the odds-bettering our best” and was attended by 190 delegates.

NNASA Conference 2007

Our 2007 conference was held over the weekend of 25-26 July at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal. The theme for the conference was: “Against All Odds”.