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Neonatal nurses care for sick and small babies in their first month of life – the most vulnerable time in their lives.

This requires highly specialised and skilled care to ensure these precious babies grow up with the best possible quality of life.

Our Vision/Mission

NNASA is committed to equipping neonatal nurses with knowledge, skills and exposure to latest research, practice and national and international programmes. We also believe strongly in recognising, highlighting and rewarding nurses who are an example to us all through their devotion to care, excellence and service.

An estimated 14.8 million babies are born preterm every year, before 37 completed weeks of gestation.1 Of these, around a million die because of direct complications,2 another 912 000 have mild to severe neurodevelopmental impairment, and many more have milder disabilities or suboptimal child development.3 A preterm baby’s chance of survival and development depends largely on where they live with […]

NNASA 2020

Get information and dates for our exciting 2020 Conference. The 2020 event will be held in Gauteng. Watch this space.

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